YIIK | Deviation Perspective I | Wrong Soul Requiem

by Various Artists

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Rynn Tobaru
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Rynn Tobaru When the world ends how will you see it bloom again?
When it's time to start again who will decide your fate?

A great conclusion and a great beginning to another world. Favorite track: MFAR SoulMate[SoulTraveler] (YIIK 1.5 Preview) (Allanson).
Robin, Maker of Things
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Robin, Maker of Things There are so many good things about this album it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s start with the artists- I think all of you did a fantastic job. There isn’t a track on here I don’t like. Congratulations to Cheryl for going from a fan to a dev by contributing a track and making new chapter cards ! The short story is really cool as well, Brian is a genius when it comes visuals and art in general. I can’t wait for the next Deviation Perspective album as well as the 1.5 update! Favorite track: lofi hip hop - beats to relax/dread the end of the world to (Moore).
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YIIK 1.5 Scene 5 INTERIOR Michelle's home. Michelle's is a single room with a single game console on the floor. The lights are off, and the room is lit by natural lighting coming in through the window illuminating the console and two women sitting on the play. The woman on the left looks over her shoulder at Cyrille who has just walked through the door. Cyrille Michelle! Michelle Cyrille! I hardly recognized you…you changed your hair! Olexa Cyrille... Cyrille? OH YEAH! I remember you. You were the girl who forgot ALL about us when she told a biiiiiiig secret. Now you’re back, and you probably want some HUGE favor! Michelle Be nice, BRAT! we talked about this. People don’t like you when you say stuff like that. Olexa Lighten up! It’s just a little joke. Cyrille No, I deserved that. Olexa is right. I’ve been a bad friend, and I do want something. The truth is my business boomed and I have eight secrets to hear today. I don’t have any Oaths saved up, so I’ll need to farm eight of them in order to hear all the secrets. Olexa Ha! I’m always right. Michelle Don’t you start! I mean it. Yeah, I’d love to come. It’d be good to catch up. Cyrille You’re so helpful! I mean it. I couldn’t do it alone Olexa Why not get the OTHER you? The one also running around hearing secrets. (Sudden shift in lighting. The room becomes sinister and dark.) Michelle (Booming Distorted Telephone voice) Who is like Cyrille? "There is none as famous and powerful as Cyrille!” Olexa H-h-hey! Cut that out. You know that scares me. I mean it. Michelle Just ‘cause you know it’s TRUE... If you don’t want me spitting truth, then you need to stop being such a brat. Cyrille (Interjecting) What…? R-really? What do you mean there is another person hearing secrets? Olexa Sure am! Cyrille What’s their name? Olexa I’ll tell ya! But... Judging by your reaction I know this name is important to you... so I'm going to get market value.


Auteur film director Kisage X makes a film, Vella Wilde creates an album, and a celestial being fights to restore order.

YIIK | Deviation Perspective I | Wrong Soul Requiem is part YIIK v1.25 OST, part concept album.

All of the new v1.25 tracks are included, as well as songs were written specifically for the Deviation Perspective concept.

Included is an illustrated short story.

Album Art by Brian Allanson


released January 14, 2021

Andrew Allanson, Trevor Dalton Moore, Cheryl Stelli, Justin Rosin, Calum Bowen, Brendan Kingsley, Sapphire, and Amelia Jones.


all rights reserved



Andrew Allanson New Jersey

Andrew Allanson is a composer and game developer. He is currently composing music for 2 unannounced next-gen projects.

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